The Art of Seeing

Aldous Huxley’s equation for seeing is:

Sensing + Selecting + Perceiving = Seeing

Our sense organs—not just sight—absorb the environment, we select the agreeable and relevant stimuli (unconsciously rejecting or ignoring the others), and perceive this as a coherent world. This is how we see.

In “The Art of Seeing” I want to challenge viewers to question what they choose to see, and to delineate the precision of what is seen versus the overarching picture.

As David Abram has said, “We see the land, but we don’t really see it.  We don’t feel it.  We don’t sense it with any intensity, with anything of poignancy or strength” while Linda Hogan adds “Without respect and reverence for it, there is an absence of holiness.” “The Art of Seeing” offers a glimpse back into poignancy and reverence.

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