Under the Microscope

The cell is the building block of life.  Through the microscope we can bear witness to the world of the ubiquitous protist, the photosynthetic miracle of the chloroplast, and watch the pulse of the blackworm.

You can find the following videos on this page (click on title to jump to video):

Plasmolysis in Elodea
Plasmolysis of Red Onion in Sucrose
Amoeba Under the Microscope
Vorticella Under the Microscope
Pond Microbes 1 of 2
Pond Microbes 2 of 2
Plasmodesmata in Tomato Cells
Cytoplasmic Streaming in stamen hair of Tradescantia
Cytoplasmic Streaming in Elodea
Paramecium Contractile Vacuole
Paramecium with Cilia and Congo Red
Pulse of blackworm (Lumbriculus variegatus)














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