Photography is a practice in what Joanna Macy calls seeing with new eyes. From light and lens we capture a still image, almost lifeless at first glance, yet between color and pattern the keen viewer discerns windows of insight. What is not seen often speaks just as loudly as that which falls within the frame.

I follow themes of natural phenomena and our disconnection from the earthly reality. My intention is to reveal the emergent intelligence of Gaia, and elicit that most important of feelings on the path to wisdom: wonder.

My photography has appeared in LonePine nature books, an Ecology textbook, and the Earth Matters Surrey Art Gallery exhibit. Here follows a small sampling of my photographic work.

Photo Galleries:
Cheetah Brothers
Looking Up
Suburban Dream

5 thoughts on “Photos

    • Thanks for the note! I’m still organizing this page. But to answer your question, the header image is a photo I took in Iceland of Hraunfossar, the lava flow falls. These falls flow into the river over a width of nearly a full kilometer.

  1. Great pictures, especially the one with the sun between the tree branches, I absolutely love the color of the sky (orange is my favorite color.) I hope to see more of your work.

    • I appreciate the comment. That particular photo was taken in South Korea, while the sun set over Mokpo. Like most of my photos, it was something I stumbled upon (rather than manipulated in advance.) Ah, if only I could manipulate the sun! That tree was one of the last standing at the top of a hill in an urban area.

      My plan in the next couple weeks is to add many more photos, and separate them into categories. I’ll also caption each photo, and write a bit about the process of discovering unexpected beauty.

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