Academic CV

For a current version of my academic CV, please see this pdf file.


Personal Statement:
Thirteen years post-secondary teaching experience in a diverse variety of settings with excellent leadership and interpersonal skills: empowering, collaborative and engaging approach.


2014–present   PhD, Curriculum Theory & Implementation: Philosophy of Education, SFU.
     Concentration: Educational philosophy, environmental education, poetic inquiry. 

2012–2014  Master of Education, Arts Education, Faculty of Education, SFU.
     Concentration: Ecology, creative process, storytelling and personal transformation.

Notable Courses:
EDUC 901, Seminar in the History of Educational Theory
EDUC 902, Interdisciplinary Seminar in Contemporary Educational Theory
EDUC 832, The Art and Discipline of Writing and Teaching Writing
EDUC 843, Embodiment and Curriculum Inquiry
EDUC 848, Ideas and Issues in Aesthetic Education
EDUC 852, Inquiry, Creativity and Community: Drama in Education
EDUC 868, Curriculum Theory and Art Education
EDUC 869, Music Education as Thinking in Sound

1998–2000   Bachelor of Science, Animal Biology, Faculty of Science, UBC.
     Concentration: Animal behaviour, conservation, environmental ethics.

Completed two major research projects, “Iguana headbobbing as an indicator of activity level, aggression and dominance” and “The conservation implications of population-dynamics of cheetah Acinonyx jubatus on the Serengeti Plains, Tanzania.”

Academic Position:

2002–present   Biology Lab Instructor, Faculty of Science and Horticulture, KPU.

2015   Instructor, Interdisciplinary Amazon Field School, KPU.

Teaching Experience:

2013   Co-developed IDEA 2100, Creativity, Ecology and Nature Experience, the first collaborative course between the Arts and Sciences at KPU.

2012–present  Teach ecology, cell biology, genetics and first-year biology in the scheduled lab system at KPU.

2010–present   Frequent collaborations with other faculties and departments at KPU, including Geography (GPS Eco-cache), Fine Arts (mural in the biology lab), Recreation (running leader), IET (new media), as well as IDEA (Amazon Field School).

2006–present   Designing new field trips and lab activities, writing lab manuals, creating a video catalogue of cellular life, weekly tutoring sessions, sharing teaching practices.

2002–2012   Taught five first- and second-year courses in the open lab system at KPU.

Pedagogical and Research Interests:

Arts-based learning across curriculum
Ecopsychology, biophilia, and ecology/art
Aboriginal modes of inquiry
Creative process and mentorship
Engaged and embodied learning
Interdisciplinary natural, creative, and spiritual traditions
Creative writing and personal transformation

Presentations and Workshops:

Please visit the Events page for info on current presentations and workshops.

2015  “Contemplating the Contemplative Education” panel, Canadian Philosophy of Education Society, University of Ottawa. Accepted.

2015   “Ecological Education in a Time of Crisis,” Learning Together Conference, SFU. Accepted.

2015   “Arts-based Learning in Science,” NorthWest Biology Instructors Conference, UBC.

2015   “The Ecology and Creativity of the Rain Forest,” Active Pass Nature and Arts Festival, Mayne Island.

2015   “Poetic Inquiry into Nature’s Wisdom,” Active Pass Nature and Arts Festival, Mayne Island.

2014   Poetry in the Garden (poetry reading with Carl Leggo and Celeste Snowber), at the UBC Botanical Garden (Sep. 14, 2014).

2014   Featured presenter (poetry), Southern Gulf Islands Art Council, Summer Art Show, Mayne Island.

2014   “The Amazon River as a living system” workshop (facilitated on the Amazon River), Colombia.

2014   “Ecology and mindfulness: Engaging the senses in the Amazon rain forest” workshop, Calanoa, Colombia.

2014   Two “Ecology and drama” workshops, Island Discovery Learning Community, Surrey, BC.

2012   Copresenter, Interdisciplinary curriculum development: A new option, Kwantlen Symposium on Engaged Learning, Surrey, BC.

2006–2007   Panelist, VCON, Vancouver’s speculative fiction writing conference.

Service and Professional Experience:

2015   Green Science Labs Initiative, Science Green Team Committee, KPU.

2014   Interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree, planning committee, KPU.

2014   Institute for Wetland Studies Committee, KPU.

2013–2014   IDEA Steering Committee, KPU.

2013–present   Website Committee, Faculty of Science and Horticulture, KPU.

2012–present   Chair, Welcoming Committee, Common Ground Co-op, Surrey, BC.

2011   Ferns of Finca Dos Lados: A Survey of Cloud Forest Pteridophytes, Costa Rica.

2011   Volunteer, Rancho Mastatal Environmental Learning Center, Costa Rica.

2006–present   Extensive volunteer experience with KPU Open House, Young Naturalists’ Club of BC, Aboriginal groups, KPU Biology Club and others.

2005–present   Revisions Committee for four lab courses, KPU.

2006   Judge, Kwantlen Writers’ Guild writing contest.

1999–2005   Vice-President, Rainforest Reptile Refuge Society, led educational tours, fostered community links, volunteer coordinator, newsletter editor.

2003   Received a VanCity Community Partnership grant to research and design three extensive educational resources for elementary school teachers, Species Biology, Reptile Diversity and We Need Plants!

2000–2003   Manager, Turtle Invasion! program through Surrey Parks and Recreation, including giving an on-site lecture in Crescent Park and facilitating data gathering on red-eared slider populations.

Select Publications:

2014   Two winning photographs for Mayne Island Conservancy 2015 Calendar contest.

2014   “Before the Gloaming” (poem),

2013   “Druids Reconstructed” (nonfiction), Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 87.

2013   Common Plants of Greater Vancouver (5th edition), KPU.

2012   “Re-evaluating my role as educator” (cover story), The Runner, 4(12), 4–5.

2012   Wild Berries of Ontario, Lone Pine Publishing (primary photographer).

2012   Wild Berries of Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba, Lone Pine Publishing (primary photographer).

2011   Wild Berries of British Columbia, Lone Pine Publishing (primary photographer).

2009   “Fading Firs” (photo), Earth Matters Exhibit, Surrey Art Gallery.

2006   “Evolution’s End,” novella in Writers of the Future anthology, $1500 in prize money.

Personal and Professional Development:

2015  Engaging imagination in ecological education: Practical strategies for teaching (workshop), Surrey.

2006–present   Author & Volunteer at Surrey International Writers’ Conference.

2013–present   Member & volunteer, Mayne Island Conservancy Society.

2014   Ecology, Meditation and Integrated Living retreat with Tarchin Hearn, Vancouver.

2014   Ecology, Spirituality, and Contemplative Inquiry in Education colloquium, SFU.

2014   BCBIO Conference, Douglas College.

2014   Basket Beat workshop, combining sport, music and social change, Vancouver.

2013   1st Annual Research and Knowledge Mobilization Day, KPU.

2009–2013   Peer-led meditation co-host, Simple Sits, Vancouver & Surrey.

2013   David Abram workshop, Between the body and the breathing Earth, Cortez Island.

2013   Interpretive ecopsychology hikes: “What Forests Teach About Living with Life Changes” and “The Clarity of Winter.”

2012   Association of Experiential Educators: Finding Your Edge, Squamish.

2012   Feeling Our Way: New Pathways in Environmental Education, SFU.

2012   Learning Together: Collaboration as a Path to Transformation, SFU.

2012   Peer Adjudication, SFU Faculty of Education Seminar Series.

2012   BCBIO Conference: Experiential Education for One and All, SFU.

Awards and Grants:

2015/16   William & Ada Isabelle Steel Memorial Scholarship ($17,000)

2016   Faculty of Education Graduate Scholarship, SFU ($1000)

2016   Rotary Club of Burnaby Scholarship ($1000)

2015   Graduate Fellowship ($6500)

2015   EGSA Professional Development Grant, SFU ($400)

2015   Graduate Student Conference Travel Funds ($800)

2014   EGSA Professional Development Grant, SFU ($400)

2014   GSS Professional Development Grant, SFU ($500)

2014   Staff Training and Development Fund, KPU ($1500)

2014   Professional Development for Specialized Positions, KPU ($600)

2014   Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group Grant ($500)

2013   EGSA Professional Development Grant, SFU ($400)

2013   Staff Training and Development Fund, KPU ($1500)

2013   Professional Development for Specialized Positions, KPU ($600)

2009   Second place, Earth Vision nature writing contest ($100)

2009   First place, poetry, Kwantlen Writers’ Guild creative writing contest ($100)

2009   First place, fiction, Kwantlen Writers’ Guild creative writing contest ($100)

2009   Second place, nonfiction, Kwantlen Writers’ Guild creative writing contest ($75)

2005   Second place, Writers of the Future ($1500)


For a current version of my academic CV, please see this pdf file.

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