“Lee is always happy and very approachable.  He makes sure the concept being questioned is understood and will stay and help you until you understand, often changing approaches.  Whenever I walk into the lab I can usually hear Lee laughing which is comforting and makes the lab seem like a fun and safe place to be and not just a place to learn.”

“You always present yourself with a positive and cheerful attitude which helps create a relaxed and encouraging environment.  Your demos are informative without begin overwhelming.  Your evaluations are consistent in level of difficulty and any questions that are asked of you are met with enthusiasm and helpful answers.”

“You appear to enjoy your time in the lab and answer questions in a friendly, informed manner.  Passionate about subject, helps keep students engaged.  Challenging on weekly quizzes (a good thing—too many instructors cave and give up information in order to keep time whereas you sit and wait for the student to respond.)  Your questions during the quizzes are well thought out and don’t ‘lead’ the student to answers if they don’t know the info.”

“You’re very helpful and one of my favourite lab instructors because you’re so enthusiastic.  It seems like you really enjoy biology and teaching!  Thanks for being so helpful and never laughing even when asked a stupid question.”

“You have a sincere and genuine care for your student’s success, and one thing I really admire about you is your respect for us.  I, for one, feel very comfortable in my evaluations.  Rather than making me feel like an unintelligent person when I get things wrong, you encourage me to dig deeper so that I can find the answer myself.”

“Taking time to ensure students are certain of the understanding and not just telling us to look it up in the textbook.  Good communication.  No hesitation to ask you any questions and an overall positive attitude towards students!”

“It really helps that you are patient and don’t make the evaluations feel pressured.  It is more like a conversation than a question and answer session, which helps me understand better because you explain the connections between what we learned that week and previous weeks.”

“You’re good at evaluations and explanations of material.  I think the way you extend knowledge of material to students is above expectations as a lab instructor.  I like your explanations in particular because I understand them fully.”

“You have a positive attitude which makes you a very popular lab evaluator.  Students tend to panic less around you.  During your evaluations, you provide additional information about the topic clearly and in a manner which engages the student to listen carefully and pay attention.  In other words, you make learning a better experience for students and you tend to change their views on learning in a positive way.”

“Lee does all the tasks as a lab instructor well—he answers questions concisely, and clearly.  He is also very fair in the pass/fail aspect of labs, giving students every opportunity to succeed.”

“When it comes to evaluations and one-on-one questions, Lee is always patient, calm, and always very helpful.  As a volunteer instructor, I understand how easy it is to become frustrated with students.  [With Lee] by the end of each evaluation, I always feel comfortable and confident with the material, and generally have a positive attitude.  Lee has a genuine passion for biology and is always very kind—a trait that is often undervalued.  You make bio fun!”

“I believe that Lee is a very informative and approachable instructor.  He does an excellent job in explaining confusing concepts in a way that is easily understandable and he is always willing to help.”

“Explains what is expected clearly.  Really helps the students and interacts with them. You can tell he actually likes biology.  You don’t feel intimidated or scared if you need to talk to him.  If you have any questions about the lab he is always able to give you an answer.”

“Great instructor.  Ridiculously knowledgeable about everything and extremely approachable.  You can tell that the instructor is passionate about his work and loves what he does.  Extends himself to the students not just for help with work in the lab but for any help the student might need. Made the lab and the lab material fun.  This instructor would make an excellent professor!”

“Lee makes each lab clear and concise on what to do and puts a lot of enthusiasm in his teaching.  You have a great attitude towards teaching and you make it so that I want to come to class and actually do the labs.  You’re such an awesome instructor that I leave the lab still thinking about what I have learned throughout the lab and how it connects to the class lectures.  Your markings on each assignment is very helpful and indicate what I should have included which is great.   Overall a great teacher and very enthusiastic!”