SSHRC Storytellers Video

My video, “Bringing Biology Back to Life,” is a finalist for this year’s SSHRC Storytellers competition.

I am grateful for SSHRC providing this forum for storying our research.

This project was deeply collaborative, and I express my gratitude to many folks for their help:

My Dad, Nelson Beavington, for his flute.

My brother, Daniel Beavington, for his cajon drum.

The glaciers in Norway for singing down the mountain.

The sword ferns that seem to follow me wherever I go.

My Mom, Dorothy Beavington, and Daniela Elza, for their script editing ideas.

Adrian Juric, Emily, Joani, and Mike their film editing ideas.

The Amazon River for such depth of wonder.

The urchin, the slug, and the frog for being in the world.

The SFU Creative Ecologies class, which gave me the space and inspiration to start this project.

And finally, my wife, Jennifer Beavington, who sparked me to get to the heart of why this matters.

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