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I am an intentional educator, biologist, author, photographer and traveller in search of truth, creativity, and conversations that matter. I seek simplicity, strive to be mindful, and listen for the song of the river and tree. I am a writer by need, not choice, from a conscientious and curious calling to put wonder into words. I write fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and am currently revising my first novel.

Presentations in 2018

May 3, 9am
Re-imagining the campus: Place-making, ecology and campus life
With Sylvia Borda (KPU’s Artist-in-residence)
KPU Teaching, Learning, Scholarship & Research Symposium 2018
Surrey, BC
More info here

May 12
Exploring the wilds within and without through poetry and music
With Heidi McCurdy
Learning Together Conference: The Intersubjective Emergent – Engagement and Synergy
SFU Surrey, BC
More info here

May 12, 11:05am
Arts-based learning across the curriculum (Invited panelist to plenary session)
Learning Together Conference: The Intersubjective Emergent – Engagement and Synergy
SFU Surrey, BC
More info here

May 15, 7pm
Learning in place: The importance of outdoor education (Invited presentation)
Chilliwack Field Naturalists
Neighbourhood Learning Centre
46361 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC
More info here

June 6
Embodied and empowered learning communities
Teaching with pizzazz: Building communities in higher education
KPU Langley, BC
More info here

June 21, 8:30am
Ecopoetics of the Amazon
The Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada
University of Victoria, BC
More info here

June 21, 3pm
“Aristotle’s Lantern” poetry reading
The Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada
University of Victoria, BC
More info here

October 18–21
Dancing with the leaves: Connecting to place through stories and art
With Margaret McKeon
The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication
Near Cranbrook, BC
More info here

Recent Publications

Here are some of my recent publications, on varied topics including science education, experiential learning, poetic inquiry, and Goethe’s gentle empiricism.

“Romanticism and Science Education: Nature as a Poem”

European Journal of Philosophy in Arts Education

Available to read and download here.

13 Questions cover

“Science Education in the Key of Gentle Empiricism”
with Heesoon Bai

Chapter in 13 Questions: Reframing Education’s Conversation – Science

Available to buy here and here.

Animals and Science Education

“Ethical-ecological Holism in Science Pedagogy: In Honor of Sea Urchins”
with Heesoon Bai and Serenna Romanycia

Chapter in Animals and Science Education

Available to buy here and here.

Poetic Inquiry Enchantments of Place

“Poetic Pedagogy in Science Education”

Chapter in Poetic Inquiry: Enchantments of Place

Available to buy here and here.

Refugium Poems for the Pacific

“Aristotle’s Lantern”

Poem in Refugium: Poems for the Pacific

Available to buy here and here.

Upcoming Events & Presentations

September 10, 1pm
The Amazon as teacher
With Farhad Dastur & Lucie Gagné
9th annual World Environmental Education Congress, Vancouver, BC

September 10, 5pm
Blurring the nature/culture divide through deep connectivity
With Jade Ho & Maureen Jack La-Croix
9th annual World Environmental Education Congress, Vancouver., BC

September 14, 7:30pm
From the Amazon to zoology: Reclaiming nature for our children
White Rock and Surrey Naturalists
Sunnyside Community Hall

October 5, 6:30pm
Book launch and poetry reading for Refugium: Poems for the Pacific
Maritime Museum of British Columbia, Victoria, BC
More info here

October 19
Vancouver Public Library poetry reading
Vancouver, BC

November 3
The life of blossom: Living poetically in the Anthropocene
With David Chang
6th International Symposium on Poetic Inquiry
Bowling Green State University, Ohio
More info here

November 18, 10am-noon
Ecology, creativity, and wonder: Our local rainforest
Derby Reach/Brae Island Parks Association, Langley, BC
More info here

January 25, 2018, 7:30pm
Place-based Education: Nature as Teacher
Nature Vancouver
949 49 AVE W, Vancouver, BC
More info here

Eleven Photos from the Amazon

The KPU Amazon Field School takes students on a journey to the heart of the world’s most awe-inspiring rainforest, where we stay at the Calanoa Jungle Lodge located on the shore of the world’s mightiest river. Students from diverse backgrounds, including anthropology, biology, business, creative writing, design, expressive arts, fine arts, journalism and sociology, all take part in this interdisciplinary adventure. This diversity of disciplines enables a cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives as we engage in a cultural, ecological, and philosophical immersion.