I Do

I commit
   to buy us a house
      with a magnificent mortgage

I shall work
   seven days a week
      to help pay the cleaning lady

I will take
   bank loans
      so we can holiday
         in the hill towns of Tuscany

I will earn
   the money we need
      to put the kids in daycare
         before their first birthday

I guarantee
   that 6:45 to 7 pm
      every second Sunday
         will be reserved for our time

I will hire
   a secretary
      so I never forget
         our anniversary

I sincerely vow
   in richness and in wealth
      to secure us
         a divorce

2 thoughts on “I Do

  1. Thanks for the note. Fortunately, I am in a fantastic, loving marriage, where priority number one is communication and commitment to my significant other. However, I have seen other unions fall apart (for various reasons), and hence the spark for “I Do.”

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