Six Recent Publications

More recent publications on place-based learning, science education, poetic inquiry, social justice, field schools, and teacher education.

“GPS Ecocache: Connecting Learners to Experience and Place” with Jesse Jewell

Article in American Association of Philosophy Teachers Studies in Pedagogy 

Preview and downloading options available here.

“The jaguar walk: Reflections from the Amazon Field School

In Transformative Dialogues

Available to read here.

Poetic Inquiry as Social Justice and Political Response

Ecopoetics of the Amazon

Chapter in Poetic Inquiry as Social Justice and Political Response

You can buy this book here and here and here.

“Kidnapping children and calves (of a tender age)”

Chapter in Poets and Scientists #Resist

You can buy this book here and here.

Sweet Water book

“Mountain Stream”

Poem in Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds

You can buy this book here and here and here.


In Ecopsychology

Available to access/purchase here.

Recent Publications

Here are some of my recent publications, on varied topics including science education, experiential learning, poetic inquiry, and Goethe’s gentle empiricism.

“Romanticism and Science Education: Nature as a Poem”

European Journal of Philosophy in Arts Education

Available to read and download here.

13 Questions cover

“Science Education in the Key of Gentle Empiricism”
with Heesoon Bai

Chapter in 13 Questions: Reframing Education’s Conversation – Science

Available to buy here and here.

Animals and Science Education

“Ethical-ecological Holism in Science Pedagogy: In Honor of Sea Urchins”
with Heesoon Bai and Serenna Romanycia

Chapter in Animals and Science Education

Available to buy here and here.

Poetic Inquiry Enchantments of Place

“Poetic Pedagogy in Science Education”

Chapter in Poetic Inquiry: Enchantments of Place

Available to buy here and here.

Refugium Poems for the Pacific

“Aristotle’s Lantern”

Poem in Refugium: Poems for the Pacific

Available to buy here and here.